About Us

This website provides information on the current context of Indonesia’s marine and fisheries sector and is intended to facilitate evidence-based decision making for policymakers, the private sector, civil society organizations, and the community-at-large.


Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state in the world. The country is the second largest fish supplier in the world. Its marine water is a global hotspot of marine biodiversity and home to world renown marine reserves.

Similar to many other coastal countries, Indonesia’s marine and fisheries sector is faced with pressures ranging from overfishing, climate change, coastal development, through pollution. There are also complexities in managing Indonesia’s vast seascapes with massive marine resources under competing political and economic agenda.

Through this website, we seek to aggregate the best available data and provide light analyses on marine fisheries statistics and trends in politics, policy, and government priorities, so as to provide support for decision making by stakeholders in the sector.

Our Approach

We seek to bridge data and decision making in the management of marine and fisheries sector.

With our unique core competencies of coalition building, research excellence and global network, WRI Indonesia seek to contribute filling in research and policy gaps in the marine resources management.

  • Curate evidence and data on the trend and condition of Indonesia’s marine resources and fisheries
  • Consultation with stakeholders through a coallition of advisory group forum and core experts team
  • Encourage a deeper understanding of the content through an interactive platform

We seek active contribution from stakeholders and partners. Kindly let us know if you have any questions or want to contribute. Reach us at trenlaut.id@wri.org.